Sponsor, Exhibit, and Advertise

We are now calling for sponsor companies/organizations for the annual meeting.
For details, please download the “Sponsorship prospectus” below.

A system will be available for participants to reserve the luncheon seminar tickets in advance. The information of participants who made a reservation will be provided to each seminar co-host.

Attention on acquisition of personal information and use of the reservation system

Please confirm and agree to the following terms and conditions regarding acquisition of personal information and use of the reservation system, and check the box on the application form.
Also, the following will be applied to the exhibitors with regard to acquisition of personal information. Please confirm and agree to it.

  1. Resale of acquired personal information is prohibited.
  2. Personal information acquired shall be used only within the company unless otherwise agreed by an individual.
  3. If an individual refuses to provide information or communicate, the use of his/her personal information shall be stopped.
  4. Appropriate precautionary measures should be taken by assigning a personal information manager to prevent the loss or leakage of acquired personal information.
  5. If personal information that is clearly seems to be erroneous is obtained in any way, it will not be used and will be deleted.
  6. Other appropriate measures shall be taken in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.